Welcome to our company, hopefully you’re here because you are as passionate about LEGO® as we are! We are an average kiwi family who have a young boy who loves LEGO®. We believe LEGO® is an amazing toy and a tactile experience for kids of all ages. It can help grow their imagination, develop their math skills, follow instructions and problem solve, all through play!

As time went on and our son developed a deep passion for LEGO®, he wanted to try the next set, then another new set and then the latest, but who can afford an average of $80 per set all the time? This meant only buying at Birthday and Christmas. We thought surely we cannot be the only family in this situation! There must be other families out there who want to encourage and facilitate fun with LEGO® but found it unaffordable.

We had heard of other companies overseas offering renting as an option and we got very excited. How awesome it would be to offer families the opportunity to play and create with LEGO® at an affordable price in NZ? For the price of a coffee each week they can have fun and explore a new set every month. It can either be done as a shared activity or as some quiet time for Mum & Dad on a rainy day, and so began our Swap a Brick journey to make it affordable and accessible to all NZ families.